Kind Child Restraint

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*CRS is provided under a contract for the gratuitous use for a period of 1 year

Child restraint system with a built-in five-point safety belt

Make sure that the safety belt fits tightly your baby's body, and that the protectors are positioned correctly: they should not press, the upper belts should be located at the same level as the shoulders, or slightly lower, and the waist belts should be located as low as possible and closer to the knees.

Child restraint system without a safety belt

Buckle up your child with the help of regular seat belts installed in the vehicle, which are located in the upper corner of the seatback and should be fastened over the shoulder without touching the neck. The horizontal belt should be conveniently fastened at the pelvis level, but not at the abdomen level. There should be no gaps or twists.

Regardless of whether you use a five-point safety belt or regular safety belt, both systems must fit tightly your child's body. There should be no gaps or twists.

Each holding device, depending on the results of crash tests, is assigned a certain number of stars. The maximum number of stars is 5, the minimum is 1. The minimum number of stars that the child restraint system should receive in order to ensure the safety of a child in the car is two