Kind Child Restraint

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ISOFIX is a universal child restraint anchorage system. Isofix anchorage system provides a rigid connection between the child restraint system and the car body. On the back of the child restraint with the Isofix anchorage system there is a bracket with two parallel slats and locks on them. On the back seat of the vehicle, in the place where the backrest and seat are joined, there are U-shaped shackles ti which the child restraint is attached. If a child weighs more than 15 kg, the Isofix anchorage system is used as an auxiliary system to the regular seat belts in the vehicle.


A system for fixation of the child restraint system in the vehicle with the help of two lower points and upper one. The LATCH system is designed to facilitate the installation of a child restraint system. The LATCH locking points are standard for all cars of the 2003 model year and younger.

A correct installation of the child restraint system is an important factor in ensuring children’s safety in emergency situations. The consequences of an incorrect installation of the child restraint systems could be very serious, as well as the lack of protective devices in the car.

In both systems, two connecting elements (clamps) attach the base of the child restraint to the car seat.

The third connecting element is located on the top or back of the base (ISOFIX only).

If there is no ISOFIX or LATCH systems in the car, the child restraint must be installed using a regular safety belt or a belt built in the child restraint system.